Nitrates removal automatic bibloc system by ion exchange resins for the protection of the installations and equipment of collective and industrial uses for small and medium flow.

During the backwash the water with nitrates supply is not interrupted. Optionally the water supply can be interrupted with shutoff valve using micro and electrovalve, specific Clack valve o cutoff piston (Magnum version).

  • Options of valve:
    • Clack WS1C1 DF 1” connection delay digital programmed meter valve
    • Autotrol Magnum: 2” connection, 762 delay programmed meter valve
    • Siata 360: 2” connection, Aquatimer delay programmed meter valve, side mounting
  • GRP vessel reinforced in polyester
  • Brine tank made of low density polyethylene PE equipped with brine valve and brine grid
  • Loaded with food grade resin of high capacity with high performance
  • Working pressure: 2.5 to 6 Bar
  • Maximum temperature: 35ºC
  • Power supply: 220V – 50Hz or 60Hz 12V
  • It is important to check with our technical department before choosing the right equipment


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