TRIOZON GS2 PR3 OZONE Fluxtek Europe


TRIOZON technology, in the market over the past thirty years, has evolved gradually to develop a wide range of equipment to meet the most demanding needs in deodorization and purification of environments t hanks t o t he “low coefficient ozonisation”:

TRIOZON equipment only produces the ozone needed for the room in which it is located.

TRIOZON collects oxygen from the room and converts it into ozone to oxidize the present microorganisms. Once its function has been performed, the ozone molecules return to their original oxygen state, so the room is purified.

TRIOZON technology suitable for deodorizing and purifying public spaces up to 300 m3. Includes timer and forced ozone distribution by means of a fan.

GS2 MODEL: Shops, offices, restaurants and all kinds of public areas of various sizes have the GS2 as the most suitable TRIOZON equipment based on its dimensions. Code: GO-0250-05

PR3 MODEL: TRIOZON’s most powerful model for regulated ozone dissemination. For larger areas, 2 units of the PR3 model can be placed, and thus achieve greater volume. Code: GO-0250-08

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