Magnetic Filter SDM

Filters heating systems, eliminating sludge, ferrous or sandy residues circulating in the pipes. Thanks to the powerful magnet it is equipped with, the filter is in fact able to remove ferrous particles from the water and any other impurities through a 500 micron stainless steel filtering mesh.



The filtering system is designed so that the particles fall to the bottom of the vessel. To eliminate these particles, you simply need to open the discharge valve of the dirt separator. At the same time, even ferrous particles can be discharged by sliding the magnet downwards.



lt also allows the heating system to be washed, mixing chemicals with water to remove any deposits or algae that may have been created.

Using this filter facilitates routine maintenance, increases the life of the boiler, facilitates the removal of impurities and increases the overall efficiency of the system.



lts extremely compact dimensions make it possible to install the dirt separator filter directly under wall boilers both on horizontal pipes, taking advantage of the in-line outlets, or in the 90º configuration with horizontal inlet and vertical outlet, further reducing overall dimensions.

The mechanics of the equipment are extremely simple and designed to minimise pressure drops.



  • Working pressure 1.5 to 4 Bar.
  • Max. temperature 90ºC
  • ¾” Connection


Code: FI-2019-20/22

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