Modelo twin WS1TT UF

Alternating duplex softener for water hardness removal by ion exchange resins. Low consumption of salt.

WS1TT UF meter valve controls both vessels, with digital programmer and immediate upflow regeneration.

Softened water permanently available, one vessel in service and the second in regeneration or stand-by.

  • Optimal design for f low service (up to 6 m³/h) and effective backwash
  • GRP vessel reinforced in polyester
  • Regeneration frequency of 1 to 28 days
  • Turbine for control of treated water
  • Includes collector between vessels. By-pass optional
  • 1” connection
  • Loaded with food grade resin of high capacity with high performance
  • Working pressure: 2,5 to 6 Bar
  • Max. temperature: 43°C
  • Power supply: 230V-15Vcc 50/60 Hz

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