Osmosis systems Series MURAL are designed for the production of low salinity water for use in water treatment applications, water service and water for different semi-industrial and/or industrial processes.

Designed for be mounted on the wall, is the perfect solution for applications where is required water of low salinity and do not have much space.

Production of reverse osmosis systems serie MURAL is of 200 l/h*.

Main components:

  • 5 microns microfiltration
  • Minimum pressure switch
  • High pressure vane pump
  • Reverse osmosis membrane 4” high salt rejection
  • Inlet solenoid brass
  • Outlet solenoid brass
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • Rejection pressure gauge
  • Permeate flow meter
  • Recirculation flow meter
  • Permeate water conductivity meter
  • Rejection flow regulator
  • Recirculation regulator key
  • Electronic programmer RO-HW2
  • Structure mounted in stainless steel panel



  • Mixing System
  • Inlet water Cconductivity Meter



  • Power supply: 220-240 VAC-50 Hz
  • Supply pressure: 3-5 bars
  • Designed for temperature of 20ºC
  • TDS maximum input: 2,000 ppm


Code: RO-0403-07

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