Neutralization Automatic Filters

Filter with a single filter bed, Calcite (Calcium carbonate). This filtering material dissolves slowly in contact with acid waters raising its pH, hardness and alkalinity and eliminating excessive carbon dioxide in waters.

When applied correctly, it corrects the pH sufficiently to arrive at a non-corrosive balance. Under normal conditions it does not overcorrect thanks to its self-limiting effect. For water with pH between 5-7.

The calcite is consumed in the neutralization, it must be replaced periodically.


  • WSCI chronometric electronic programmer
  • Working pressure: 2,5 to 6 Bar
  • Max. temperature: 40ºC
  • Electrical supply: 220V – 12V 50Hz
  • Certified filter of Calcite: EN 1018 type 1


Code: FC-1030-01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/12/14

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