Iron and manganese removal with pyrolusite filter

Automatic filters for the removal of iron and manganese from water using flint of different granulometries and pyrolusite (MnO2).

In the presence of dissolved oxygen, the pyrolusite exerts a strong catalytic oxidation action on the Fe and Mn, which precipitates and is trapped in the filter bed. Later, tits eliminated by backwash. It does not need to be regenerated, and is not consumed during the process, thus having a very long shelf life.


  • WSCI chronometric electronic programmer
  • Working pressure: 2,5 to 6 Bar
  • Max. temperature: 40ºC
  • Electrical supply: 220V – 12V 50Hz
  • pH adjustment required
  • Retention:
    • Up to 5ppm (pH 7,2 min)
    • Up to 1ppm manganese (pH 7.8 min.)
  • Pyrolusite Certificated: DIN EN 13752:2009


Code: MN-1032-01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/12/16


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