Easy max filter

Self-cleaning industrial filter that ensures perfect filtration in domestic, urban and industrial applications.

  • Filter cap and body of sturdy brass.
  • 316 Stainless steel filter cartridges.
  • All materials in contact with water are DVGW and CE certification
  • Complies with European 13443-1 standard
  • Grade of filtration 200 microns (optional cartridges 50-100-500 microns)
  • Including inlet and outlet gauges
  • Max. pressure: 16 Bar
  • Max. water temperature: 90° C/ ambient 60° C
  • Semi-automatic (manual): manual valve for counter current cleaning
  • Automatic timer: the filter has a motorized mechanism led by time through an electronic circuit. Frequency washing programme from 1 to 999 hours.


Code: FI-2006-10/12/14/16, FI-2008-10/12/14/16

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