Compact reverse osmosis equipped with inline cartridges for high production of pure water with low salt content.

This system incorporates highly reliable safety devices such as Water Stop leak detector and pressure regulator in model with booster pump.

Stages: 5 μm filtration, two-stage GAC carbon, membrane and antibacterial nano-cloth carbon post-filter.

  • 100% coconut shell active carbon
  • High water flow with 3/8 “ tube
  • Antibacterial tubing certified by SGS
  • 75 GPD membrane 18×12 Certified NSF / ANSI Standard 058
  • Nanoparticles antibacterial postfilter
  • 3,2 gallons water storage tank
  • Installation kit
  • Includes faucet model Margarita
  • 1/4” pressure regulator in model with booster pump
  • 1/4” WATER STOP leak detector: accurate and proven leak detection system that cuts the water supply system with even small leaks. Low cost of installation and requires no electrical supply.
  • Working pressure:
    • System with pump: 1 to 3 Bar
    • System without pump: 2,5 to 4,2 Bar
  • Inlet temperature: 5 – 35ºC
  • Max. TDS input: 1.000 ppm
  • System with pump:
    • Electric-voltage: 220 – 24VDC
    • Booster pump LF-30LN


Code: RO-0240-01/03

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