Protection against Coronavirus

Things you do NOT have to worry about during this period of lockdown : THE WATER QUALITY OF YOUR TAP.

Tap water is absolutely safe and there is no reason to buy bottled water. Moreover, consuming tap water allows you to avoid displacements to buy bottles of water.

This is stated by the Spanish Association of Water Sector Companies in its informative message :

The Spanish Association of Water Sector Companies – AQUA ESPAÑA wishes to remind citizens that the consumption of tap water in Spain, in the current situation of the COVID-19, is a SAFE PRACTICE, as indicated by the World Health Organization in its report Water, sanitation, hygiene and waste management for the COVID-19 virus, of March 3, 2020; and as recalled by the Spanish association AEAS, representing the operators of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants in Spain.

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Things you DO need to worry about : HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF against COVID-19.

The important thing now is to take care of yourself, to protect yourself in every way.

Do not give the Coronavirus options and protect yourself with these simple actions that we developed in the E-Book “Protect yourself against Coronavirus”.

Many of them you will already know, others are small details that can help you stay clean of viruses of all kinds.

This is the table of contents :

1- Your hands

2- The mask

3- Food-borne infections

4- Increase your immunity to viruses

5- When to go to the doctor

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Much health and much encouragement


In FluxtekEurope we want to give our most sincere support to everyone who, actively or from teleworking, strive every day to overcome this pandemic.

We are here, as always, very close to you, ready to walk the path together, joining forces to move forward with even more energy.

We continue our work, now more than ever, available by phone, email, or video-conference.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we are at work.


Very good reception at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019


Summary of Aquatech Amsterdam 19. A lot of work, joy, good work, good people and good water treatment equipment.

Thank you for coming to see us and enjoy with us the FluxtekEurope experience.

This year the influx of visitors in Aquatech Amsterdam grew by 10% compared to the last edition. So not only did we connect with old friends and clients, but we also had the opportunity to create new business options. It is also very interesting to know first hand the current state of the water industry along the many pavilions of RAI.

Thank you for your visit, for the good times and see you soon.

We offer you a video to get a short impression of our stay at RAI. Press play to see the Fluxtek Europe and Hidro-Water team in action.

We keep in touch ?

Next Station: Aquatech Amsterdam 2019

Fluxtek Europe is going to participate in one of the largest Fairs in Europe dedicated to the water industry. We want to express with this note on the web that we are very proud to undertake this trip again, and thus share our good work.

It offers us the opportunity to assess present and future business opportunities in a fastly evolving sector such as the water treatment equipment sector.

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Fluxtek Europe succesful exhibition in Aquatech Mexico 2018

Fluxtek Europe could not miss Mexico’s largest event for the water industry celebrated from the 4 to 6th of September 2018, which took place at the World Trade Center in Mexico City. The event was made up of an exhibition, pavilions, conferences and spaces dedicated to networking, as well as cultural activities.

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Over the last 15-17 June was hold last edition of Aquatech China at the exhibition centre of Shanghai.

China’s government is making ambitious efforts to improve water management and infrastructure throughout the country. The water challenges in China make the water sector a relevant industry to invest in for water industry companies.

Aquatech China , meets every year to the worlds of technology and water management , while presenting integrated solutions and provides a comprehensive approach to water treatment.

For three days, over 70,000 water technology professionals made profitable business relationships, exchanged ideas and enhanced know-how at Aquatech China: Asia’s largest exhibition for process, drinking and waste water.

Fluxtek europe team was present at the last edition, introducing its range of equipment in residential water treatment . We thank all visitors who visited our booth .

See you at Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 ! Read more

Fluxtek Europe S.L. in Aquatech Amsterdam trade fair

3-6 of November 2015, Fluxtek Europe was present at Aquatech Amsterdam, which is the world’s leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and wastewater and which exhibition is part of the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) since 2010. Aquatech  Amsterdam brought together the best professionals related to the sector, which shown us the latest news and technological developments related to this area. This Water Fair is an event of great importance within the sector of water treatment, hence it has become almost inexcusable for the best professionals and companies related to the sector, because of the fact that developments can be observed as the contacts may be established.

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